Getting Ripped: The Wax Bar takes the sting out of the Brazilian

February 9, 2015

Seattle Magazine
By Ashley Breckel

Nobody likes getting waxed, bu for some of us it’s one of those unavoidable activities. Thankfully, veteran waxing specialist Karen Jahn is about to make this hair-ripping experience a bit more enjoyable (or at least a little less painful). After nine years at Habitude salon in Ballard, Jahn was scheduled to open her own place in late September 2007, THE WAX BAR, where-along with that waxing-you’ll be able to relax by sipping a cold beer. In addition to serving soothing brews, The Wax Bar will also offer head-to-toe waxing services including “bar-themed” specials like Happy Hour Brows and a signature facial.