Best Happy Hour for a High-Maintenance Drunk

February 9, 2015

Seattle Weekly
By Erika Hobart

The candles, the roses, the chocolate-covered strawberries—none of it actually eased the pain of my first time. I lay naked and vulnerable afterwards, thinking how much easier it would’ve been had I downed a couple of beers beforehand. Enter The Wax Bar, the first salon in the entire state to obtain a beer license. If a situation in which a stranger asks you to undress and spread your ass cheeks makes you nervous, you can now knock the edge off with an IPA. Everyone from teachers taking refuge from their second-graders to haughty businesswomen have become fans of the afternoon quickie: The Wax Hour offers a 1–3 p.m. happy hour on weekdays featuring $15 waxes (the discounted service changes per month) and $3 drinks. An added bonus: The guy at the front desk is totally hot. He’s also totally married to owner Karen Jahn and they’re expecting a baby soon. So look but don’t touch.