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founder / esthetician
what do you love about the wax bar?

I love our great team of waxing specialists and our reputation for providing excellent services and a wonderful experience!

what is the best thing about your job?

The Best thing about my job is the opportunity it provides me to meet new people everyday, and the chance to see my regulars and make everyone feel good when leaving.

what are some of your favorite skincare products @ the wax bar?

My favorite product has to be Tendskin for waxing after-care and Dermalogica Super Rich Moisturizer.

if you weren’t working @ the wax bar, what would you be doing?

I would be a teacher because I love to help people grow and achieve their goals.

what else should we know about you?

I was born and raised in Ballard. I have always loved the community and we were very excited to open our first location in Ballard. I have been waxing for over 20 years. My family includes my husband, daughter and son and we still have not left Ballard!


what should we know about you?

I am into music, travel, and learning about almost anything.

what was your journey to becoming an esthetician?

I always wanted to work in skincare after my mother, who was a nurse, worked for a dermatologist who specialized in skin cancer and got me addicted to wearing SPF daily. The dermatologist would bring samples of SPF from Australia and hand them out to the entire team. I kept asking my mother for more. I then started making my own sugar scrubs and oatmeal masks. After leaving for college and traveling in Europe, I bounced through several different industries: the fishing industry, natural foods, tech, banking, before becoming an esthetician. After working in esthetics for many years I took a break to help manage a high-end hair salon and work for the Seattle Opera in hair and makeup. I love this industry for how supportive it can be, how it is always changing, and for the magnificent women I work with. I am always learning.

what is your favorite service to provide?

It always seems to be the underarms and the Brazilian. Underarms because it is so satisfying. The Brazilian because it is a strange journey, one that my calm and sense of humor can make easier for a client. Plus, I talk, A LOT, to keep the client at ease and occupied.

what is the best thing about being an esthetician?

The people. The clients who never fail to make my day feel interesting, who I get to develop relationships with, who are always teaching me about things I normally wouldn’t learn. And, my colleagues, who are always there for me, troubleshooting, supporting, and growing in the field as well as in our personal lives.

3 words that describe you?

Punctual, Kind, Creative

how do you spend your free time?

In my free time I like to hang out with my 14-year-old chihuahua Kevin, our 5 year old Shepard Husky, Cecil, my husband, and our friends. In the summer we do a lot of swimming, BBQing, camping and fishing. In the winter we cook a lot and watch a ton of Dateline.


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esto / lash technician
what should we know about you?

I grew up on the western slope in Colorado, and moved to Washington in August of 2021. I went to a paramedical esthetics school after completing college and grad school at the school of the art Institute of Chicago.

what was your journey to becoming an aesthetician?

I worked as a make-up artist and skincare retail sales person for about 8 years working for various companies. I decided to turn my love for skincare and the beauty industry onto an esthetics career. I was most passionate about the link between inner health as it applies to skin health, and helping people treat acnaic skin. I got certified in lash extensions in esthetics school, and I fell in love with the artistic nature of it. It became a specialty of mine, and I devoted a lot of time to additional training, classes, and techniques.

your favorite service to provide?

Volume Iash extensions are my favorite, but I also love brow tinting, brow lamination, and underarm waxing.

what is the best thing about being an aesthetician?

The relationships you build during your career are the best part of this job. I love meeting people, and the human interaction during my services. I really enjoy laughing and connecting with others, and helping them feel their best. I like to see my clients happy, and to see positive results with their treatments and services.

what is an interesting fact about you?

When I was a makeup artist I was invited to do makeup for the stars film festival fashion show, some national artistry events, a seventeen magazine photo shoot, and 2 extreme Tokyo fashion shows.

what are your hobbies?

I paint and make refurbish dolls and toys, build leggo creations, and I love to read and take free online classes in a variety of subjects.